martedì 18 dicembre 2012

Ehi! Who is wearing the bouboubijoux liliac flowercrown?

I just want to support my cutie friend Silvia who is partecipating in a blog contest about street food and a local wine, quota quota 101.
Here you can find her blog where she talks about a lambretta scooter, travels, food, love and ...

 p.s. Isn't she lovely with the liliac flowercrown?!

domenica 23 settembre 2012

1xCoworker Store @Pordenone

1x coworker store è un negozio temporaneo con giovani artisti e designer, una nuova formula di ‘coworking and community’.

Una bellissima esperienza di condivisione di idee, progetti, capacità e creatività differenti!
Venite a trovarci in Via de Paoli, 9 a Pordenone.

1x coworker store is a temporary store where young artists and designers working together in a new way: 'coworking and community'.
A beautiful experience of sharing ideas, projects, skills and
different creativities ! 

Come and visit us in Via de Paoli, 9 in Pordenone, Italy.

Working on new items for the temporary store..

The beautiful shop in Via de Paoli 9, Pordenone, Italy
Bouboubijoux and the Sulky Girl working together in the show window
Rock t-shirt by Jacopo Toso

A funny man want to come into the show window!! :)

Lovely t-shirt by La sfilata in maglia

Super crowded shop!

Bouboubijoux at work for customized jewels

Chanel mood is always a good choice